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Our CSR Initiatives

" What have you bought when you were born? What you took was taken from here, what we earn from here will have to be spent here, Nothing is always yours. What's belongs to you today will be someone's tomorrow and another's the day after. Nothing in this world is permanent." - (Bhagavath Gita)

To serve the community, its needy Landmark started its Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives' from its founding years. The people who came to us for help have never been turned empty handed. Whatever that we could afford, have been distributed to the people who came for help. We have also been rendering our duties towards the Environment that we live in, in the form of distributing Tree Saplings, reducing and making our Office paper free and planting maximum trees at our work sites. For every single tree we cut we plant five trees in return. We nurture them till the properties are developed

Towards Education

"In educating the poor you light up the lives of a generation to come". We at Landmark believe that by educating the poorest of the poor students who are declined education due to non availability of funds can give future to those deprived lot. With the vision of educating them, Our Founder Mr. Udhayakumar started adopting those poor students.

In improving the standards of good practices in Schools/ Colleges, Landmark has been supporting cultural and extra-curriculum activities by program sponsorships. Some of the beneficiaries are PSBB, Vidhya Mandir, Bhavan S Rajaji Vidyashram, Easwari Engineering College, SSN Engineering College, etc. To support the people with natural disabilities, Landmark has been sponsoring DEAF & DUMB ASSOCIATION for the past 6 years. A sizable amount has been earmarked for these sponsorships.

Landmark has also contributed for construction of school class room at Thiruneermalai Govt. High School. We have also raised a 600 feet compound wall for Kattankalathur Govt. School through Rotary Club of Chennai, Mambalam.

Temple & Cultural Endowments

"When you serve the Humanity, you serve the Almighty and when you serve the Almighty, you serve the Community". Landmark has been donating a considerable amount for the Temple improvement and Temple Festival activities. We have been associated with the Anjaneya Temple at Ashok Nagar, Murugan Temple at Kundrathur, Vallakottai Murugan Temple, Kaligambal Temple, Mosque at Ramanathapuram etc in their annual/renovation activities. Besides these, Landmark has been sponsoring cultural and Musical events for the festivities of various Temples and Cultural Associations.

Old Age Homes

"You realize the Value of Living only when you are OLD". The deprived lot among the society is the old people who are not wanted by their families when they cannot earn. The life they lived for their dear and near ones fades away in the minds of their own kith and kin. To annihilate the suffering of the old Landmark supports the genuinely needy Age Old Homes that takes care of the old people left on the streets by their relatives. We have been supporting, Anbu Karangal, SV Home for Aged, etc.

I am really happy with the Flat in Metropolis. A landmark in my life made a difference !
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